Insulated Concrete Forms and structurally insulated panels are one of the ways to achieve high R-values.

Structural Concrete

Standard foundations, architectural concrete, Hambro floors, and complete suspended slab works are available.

Wood & Steel Framing

A skilled team of journeymen carpenters have a combined experience of over a hundred years in the construction trade working with wood & steel construction framing.

Timber Frames

Offering the complete package of design, engineering, milling, and installation of exquisite timber frames. This includes complete timber frame homes, hybrid packages, timber staircases, entries, and all other architectural timber components. Falcon Heights works with the highest quality selection of local, sustainably harvested timbers available.

Interior Finishing

An unsurpassed attention to detail goes into finishes of all levels. Using natural or engineered materials: creating timeless and flawless staircases, floors, fireplace surrounds, timber elements and more.

Exterior Finishing

Offering an extensive range of building envelope options from traditional siding to cutting edge technology in composite cladding techniques.

Landscaping Aspects

A professional crew tackles any landscaping project, from retaining walls to stairwells and decks to driveways and paths. No terrain is too challenging.