Built Green British Columbia
Member of BUILT GREEN CANADA. Built Green Homes are third party certified, energy efficient, and environmentally responsible homes. This label adds value to your home by promoting the use of resource efficient, environmentally friendly, construction practices and materials.

Net Zero Home CHBA
Proudly the 1st Net Zero Energy Builder on Vancouver Island; certified and licensed through CHBA and CHMC. Having a Net Zero label guarantees a production of energy equals or superior to your needs. The Net Zero certification is at the leading edge of sustainability and low carbon footprint.

Net Zero Trained Renovator

We can proudly confirm we are Net Zero Trained Renovators after participating in the Net Zero Renovation training program for CHBA in 2020.

When contemplating a renovation, our team will help you consider all the available energy efficiency improvement options. Our team, alongside energy the consultant and designer, can develop a plan to bring your renovated home to a Net Zero ready or Net Zero level home.

National Awards for Housing Excellence Winner - Net Zero Home 2018

Falcon Heights
Contracting Ltd.

Falcon Heights Contracting completes the first home in Canada to be labelled Net Zero Energy under the CHBA Net Zero Energy Program


Build a Greener Home
Comfort, Durability, Savings

Sustainable design is based on principles worth considering at early stages. As early as possible, we work with the home owner, energy consultant, mechanical contractor and designer to maximize the green aspects of your home. For example: home orientation, air quality improvements, responsible land use, home performance, material durability, moisture-resistant options, low maintenance options, wise use of resources, and more.

Falcon Heights Contracting will then guide you through the building process. Meanwhile, encouraging and enabling the use of practices, technologies and products that will provide great energy efficiency.

Finally, we will tailor the overall budget with your Green wish list. The options to consider will vary with every home.


Net Zero Homes

Considering Net Zero standards when Building or renovating a home involves:

  1. Reducing the home’s energy requirements.
  2. Including renewable energy systems to provide the amount of energy required to operate the home.
  3. Operating the home efficiently.

A net-zero energy (NZE) house may produce as much energy as it consumes on a yearly basis.
An NZE home is not necessarily an “off-grid” house, as it is usually connected to the electricity grid. Basically, taken over the year, the energy supplied to the grid by your home balances the energy drawn from the grid, thus achieving net- zero annual energy consumption.

NET ZERO READY: Even if you do not make your home Net Zero right away, there are ways to plan to have your home “Net Zero Ready”, a concept that is phasing into the building code at the national level. Your project would include the increased insulation values, performance windows and doors and required mechanical specifications with the option of installing your alternative energy source at a later date.




Green Builder of the Year – CARE AWARDS

Gold 2019  ·  Gold 2017  ·  Silver 2014