Net Zero Energy Building Company, Victoria BC

Falcon Heights is proud to be a certified Net Zero energy building company. What are Net Zero certified buildings? Above all, all Net Zero buildings “rely on exceptional energy conservation and on-site renewable generation to meet all of their heating, cooling and electricity needs. One hundred percent of the project’s energy needs must be supplied by on-site renewable energy on a net annual basis. That is to say, without the use of on-site combustion.” (

Looking for greener solutions to help your business become a leader in energy sustainability? Falcon Heights can help you achieve your goals with our Net Zero certification training. For instance, imagine your building being designed and constructed to function as graciously and efficiently as Mother Nature herself. We will make sure we create your project with its bio-region’s characteristics in mind.  Meanwhile, using only renewable resources to generate all of its energy.

What is Net Zero Energy Housing?

A Net Zero Energy (NZE) home is a home that produces at least as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis.

NZE Stats

Housing accounts for 17 per cent of secondary energy use in Canada. And as a result, 16 per cent of the country’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
(Source: NRCan, Energy Use Data Handbook, August 2006; Secondary Energy Use and GHG Emissions, Residential Sector, 2004.)

NZE housing is a reality today and can offer a wide range of benefits and advantages. This is includes the following:

  • Low utility bills — save money on energy costs all year round. Thus, protecting yourself from future energy price increases.
  • More comfortable living space — enjoy better indoor air quality, stable temperatures, more natural light, and isolation from outdoor noise sources.
  • A greener choice for the environment — minimize the household’s greenhouse gas emissions and ecological footprint. As a result, conserving resources and reducing pollution.
  • A better future — help make sure that future generations of Canadians have better housing choices, clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and a safe, healthy world to live in.

1 Some definitions of NZE homes include off-site renewable energy sources.