Mark Montgomery

Friday, August 22, 2014

Dave is an excellent general contractor.

We met Dave and family when they came to our land to buy a Christmas tree. We told Dave we were going to build a house and pointed out the location. His eyes lit up. He gave us his card. We met and discussed our ideas and hired Dave as our general contractor.

The crew broke land on May 22, 2013. Six months later we received our occupancy permit at the end of November. Working with Dave and his crew was a pleasure. In fact, the house progressed so quickly it was like Christmas everyday.

Dave’s skills are many and varied. He is a clear and organized thinker and an excellent communicator. In my view, this plays a central role in what makes the house building process run so smoothly. He explained each step of the process; the how and why of how things work in plain language. He arranged meetings for us with building material suppliers who were knowledgeable and very helpful. He and his right hand man Clint quickly grasped our ideas and our values and creatively translated them into structure.

Dave has excellent leadership skills. He has high expectations of his crew and the sub-trades respecting safety, perfection in craft and cleanliness of the site. They lived up to his expectations. Of note to us was the cooperative spirit and pride of work among the crew and sub-trades.

And let us not fail to mention that we found Dave to be a warm, sensitive person of the utmost integrity.

Our house is full of light, clever angles, and beautiful wood. It was awarded platinum for green building. It is a work of art and a place of comfort.